Cao Nhan areca Village (Kien Bai Village) Hai Phong City- The  legend of a density

It is associated with the “Legend of Betel and Areca” about the faithfulness of a wife for her husband and the love between two siblingsAreca & Betel - quick vietnam visa. Betel and areca are used to start talking and help people become closer and more open with each other. They serve as offerings in the important traditional ceremonies, such as the offering rituals, engagements and weddings, funerals and burials. They are a symbol of love, brotherhood, family and happiness. A betel quid consists of four materials: a wedge of an areca nut (which has a sweet taste), a betel leaf (spicy taste), a piece of bark of a special tree (bitter taste) and a little lime paste (hot taste). All of them are chewed together, providing a delicious taste with red juice and freshness. The high areca tree symbolizes the heaven (Yang). The lime symbolizes the earth (Yin). The custom of chewing betel is popular throughout Southeast Asia and the making of the betel leaves and areca wedges into beautiful shapes as well as the betel-inviting practice have become a form of artistic activities full of national identities.
In Vietnam, there is exist a village where you can find thousand of areca trees and betel leaves. Charming Indochina Travel wouldAreca & Betel - quick vietnam visa like to recommend the Cao Nhan Areca Village Cao Nhan Commune, Thuy Nguyen district- Hai Phong city just some 100 km from Hanoi city. You will see a thousands of areca trees  from the endless farms to the gardens and even in front of the traditional Northern houses. The green betel leaves and the delicious areca of Cao Nhan Village has brought the density to many young couples in Vietnam. The village has also exported areca to many regional countries and this is the main income of the families but you will be remained a deeply feeling of a legend story of the combination of areca and betel  in Vietnam but most impressed is the friendly of the local people and an image of the old Vietnamese village at the present.

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