Vietnam, a rich culture and diverse customs as well as friendly people located in Southeast Asia. The country  with many traditional festival, according to a statistic, there are some 8,000 festivals each year happened in Vietnam, The main part of them is folklore festival, and the rest are religious, historical festival and festival from other countries.
There are four (4) main festival which are considered to be National Festivals as:
1. Tet Nguyen Dan – Vietnamese Lunar New Year Festival
This is the chance for all Vietnamese people from all over the World will re-call to their ancestors. There are  three main days  for this  occasion which are the 30th day of December lunar month, the first day and the second day of first month (January). All Vietnamese take part in. During the time, people will give each other the best wishes for a heath, lucky and prosperous year coming. They will visit Grandparents, relatives, visit friends to have a meal together, taking about the achievements of last year and plan for new year. For more information for this, you can see Quick Vietnam Visa page for lunar new year here.
2. Tet Trung Thu – Mid-Autumn Festival
This is the main festival for Vietnamese Children, it will happen on the 15th nights of August, lunar calendar. From the beginning of the month, people have prepared for the festival with colorful and different shape lanterns. Moon cakes or mid-autumn cakes are also prepared along with the various toys for children. There are many traditional toys that the most typical ones are star lantern, paper doctor human, animal shape lantern, etc. Children carry the lanterns walk from streets to streets in the funny sounds of their singing every evening. When the principle time of the festival comes, there are groups of lion dance with crowded drums and cymbals. In this occasion, to enjoy the beauty of the moon, there are many activities are organized. Adults and children have their own way of celebrating.There will be  also lion dancing and folk song singing contest in some parts of Vietnam.
3. Tet Nguyen Tieu Festival
The Festival is mainly happened in the Southern parts of Vietnam. Tet Nguyen Tieu has a custom of hanging lantern or flower and it is called Hoi Hoa Dang. Wherever you go, Chinese people also held Tet Nguyen Tieu and Hoi Hoa Dang to wish for the proper climate and prosperous business. The new feature of this year’s festival is the marching in three areas. Thousands of people flock to the Nguyen Trai, Hai Thuong Lan Ong, Luong Nhu Hoc, Tran Hung Dao street, etc to watch the performances of street arts. There are seven flower cars made by the Culture centre of District 6 and the club-house with the content of: Picture of President Ho Chi Minh, flower car of flying dragon, gold carp, rice flower, peach, etc which are the symbol of the good wishes.
4. Vu Lan Festival
The festival of Vulan will be on 15th day of seventh month lunar. In the celebration, there is often a wide range of offering to wish for the salvation of the dead souls. The offerings are rice, salt, and pure water, remembering to the mother and father who give you a life. The important part is the status of the offered person. In the pagoda, after the offering will be the ceremony of giving alms of foods. There is also a real activity of this which is cooking the rice soup and vegetarian food to give free to Buddhism follower.
Besides that, we have some other main festivals and can be listed as:
On the 2nd day of the 1st month: Wrestling Festival in Lieu Doi, Nam Ha.
On the 5th day of the 1st month: Festival of Dong Da hill, Hanoi: celebrate the anniversary of King Quang Trung's victory over 290,000 Qing invaders to liberate Thang Long (now Hanoi).
On the 6th day of the 1st month: Festival of Eel-Catching in Pot in Ving Lac district, Vinh Phu province. This reflects the farmers' love for labor and the joy over bumper crops.
On the 10th day of the 1st month: Festival in Trieu Khuc village, Hanoi. Cultural activities of a traditional handicraft village.
On the 13th day of the 1st month: Lim Festival, Ha Bac. Festival of quan ho folk song singing. Boys and girls meet on river bank, on hill or in the yards of village's communal house and pagoda and exchange emotions.
On the 15th day of the 1st month: Festival of Spring on Ba Den mountain.
On the 15th of 2nd month (formal date): Festival of Huong Pagoda, Ha Tay: Traditional festival lasting over 2 months.
We have a special festival called Spring festival of buffalo fighting in Tay Nguyen Highlands highlighting the martial spirit of the ethnic minority people.
On the 10th day of the 3rd month: Festival of Hung Temple celebrating the death a anniversary of Kings Hung.
On the 9th day of the 4th month: Giong Festival, Hanoi, commemorating Saint Giong, a legendary child hero who defeated foreign invasion and saved the nation.
On the 26th day of the 4th month: Festival of Queen Su in Chau Doc.
On The 5th day of the 5th month: Water Festival in Nha Trang. People in the city go to the beach and have a bath for health improvement.
On the 16th day of the 6th month: Festival of Nghinh Ong in Tien Giang - Ben Tre.
On the 30th day of the 7th month: Festival at Lang Ong, Ho Chi Minh City.
On the 9th day of the 8th month: Buffalo fighting festival, Do Son, Hai Phong.
On the 13th day of the 9th month: Festival of Keo Pagoda, Thai Binh. Traditional communal festival.
On the 22nd day of the 11th month: Festival of Dong Quan in Chan Tien Pagoda, Hanoi.
Most of the traditional festivals in Vietnam are often held in spring and autumn, the two most beautiful seasons in a year, and are the leisure time after the harvest season. Quick vietnam visa could not list all here all festivals but hope to bring you a general view for festivals in Vietnam Country.
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