Vietnam will focus to protect human rights

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh, who is a member of the Party Central Committee, wrote a news article on the country’s achievements in protecting and promoting human rights, as well as on its contributions to international cooperation in this field. 
The Deputy PM and FM affirmed that Viet Nam’s bid to join the Human Rights Council has its roots in the consistent policy of the Party and State on protecting and promoting human rights and actively participating in international cooperation in this field. 
Viet Nam’s election to the UN HRC with such a high vote is of great significance. First of all, it is the international community’s recognition of the achievements the country has made in its comprehensive reform, policies and efforts regarding human rights. It is also a success of the Vietnamese Party and State’s external relations policy, reflecting the country’s increasing prestige and position in the international arena, and the international community’s appreciation of Viet Nam’s role and contribution to the UN and other multilateral forums. 
Deputy PM and FM Minh stressed that human rights have become a global issue attracting the great concern of the international community, and as the Party has affirmed, human rights are also a common aspiration of mankind and the fruit of human kind’s struggle through many generations. 
The UNHCR is one of the most important UN agencies, bearing the responsibility of protecting and promoting human rights in the world. The council’s member countries must meet the highest standards on human rights, be ready to cooperate fully and be capable of contributing to the council’s work. 
According to Minh, during its election campaign, Viet Nam introduced to other countries its consistent viewpoint and policy, the legal system as well as the most outstanding achievements regarding human rights, while sharing information and experience in fields of shared interests. 
Viet Nam has made it clear that its policy has its origin in the aspiration for basic rights to freedom of the Vietnamese people, who used to be citizens of a colonial country.

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