What Is This?
1- This is a legal certificate granted to those who are coming to live long time in Vietnam
2- No visa is required for travel to Vietnam within 05 years. Those people having 5-year Vietnam visa exemption certificate is allowed to stay in Vietnam for 180 days at maximum for each visit.
3- If you want to stay longer than 180 days without leaving the country, you can extend your visa stay in Vietnam. The extended duration is up to 6 months until the exemption is ended.
4. The Visa exemption certificate is valid for up to 05 years but will expires at least 6 months before the expiration of your passport.
Who Is Granted for The 5-Year Visa Exemption for Vietnam?
Those are granted only as:
1. Vietnamese overseas
2- The foreigners who are spouses
3- The children of Vietnamese overseas
4. Vietnamese citizens.
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What Is The Requirements to Make This?
For Vietnamese overseas: To apply for 5 years visa exemption for overseas Vietnamese, the applicant needs to prepare with:
1- Declare online via this website (Fill-out the form here and print with a barcode on Letter-sized paper) then keep it.
2- Passport or equivalent paper or a residence permit granted by a competent agency in the country of residence valid for at least 6 months following the date of arrival in Vietnam (advised the pasport has the validity of 5 years up)
3- Two photos taken recently (white background, straight face, bare head, no colored glasses);
4- One certified copy or copy attached to originals of one of the following papers with:
► The birth certificate;
► The identification card copy
► The decision for renunciation of Vietnamese citizenship;
► The certificate of loss of Vietnamese citizenship;
► The Vietnamese passport (valid or invalid)
► The latest voter’s card;
► Family Registered Record;
► The certificate of Vietnamese citizenship
► Documents issued by competent foreign authorities if they can prove that the person in question has original Vietnamese citizenship or of Vietnamese origin.
In case you DON'T HAVE the documents listed at number 4 above, the following materials could be submitted:
►A guarantee issued by an overseas Vietnamese association from the country of residence
►A guarantee from a Vietnamese citizen
For foreign spouses & children of overseas Vietnamese or Vietnamese citizens:To apply for Vietnam 5 year visa exemption for foreign spouses and children of overseas Vietnamese or Vietnamese citizens, the applicant will need to prepare:
1- Download this form and fill fully in then print to sign in with full name.
2- Foreign passport valid for at least 6 months following entry date in Vietnam;
3- Two photos taken recently (white background, straight face, bare head, no colored glasses;
4- One copy attached to originals of one of the following papers which prove the relationship between wives/husbands/children and the Vietnamese overseas/Vietnamese citizens:
►Certificate of Marriage
►Certificate of Birth
►Certificate of relationship with father, mother, children;
►Other valid documents as regulated by the Vietnamese Law.
►Decision of Adoption
How Long To Process The 5 year visa exemption?
If you have full documents and when all documents are legal, we will process it in 8 working days - not included Sat, Sun and Holidays.
What Is The Price for 5 year Vietnam Visa Exemption?
The cost of getting a 5-year visa exemption for Vietnam depends on the authority with which you apply for it, and the physical address to receive your certficate. You are advise to contact directly with our company to get Best Price For 5 Year Vietnam Visa Exemption at:
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